Frequently asked questions relating to Bioquell and Bioquell ordinary shares

1. Where are Bioquell shares traded?
Bioquell PLC’s ordinary shares are listed and traded on the London Stock Exchange: FTSE Index: FTSE Fledgling (ex IT) under “Health Care Equipment & Services”, sub sector “Medical Equipment”.

2. What is the ticker symbol for Bioquell?

3. What is the current number of issued Bioquell ordinary shares?
The number of issued Bioquell ordinary shares (“Shares”) (calculated by reference to the  number of Shares currently in issue and outstanding at 24 August, 2016) is 22,940,292.

4. Where can I find historical data for the share price performance of Bioquell shares?
Historical data on Bioquell’s share price is available from a number of publicly available sources or, on request, by contacting the Company Secretary at Bioquell’s headquarters.

5. What is the date of your next Annual General Meeting?
The next Annual General Meeting will typically take place in May each year with the actual date confirmed prior to the meeting. The recent AGMs have started at 12 noon at Bioquell’s headquarters at 52 Royce Close, West Portway, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 3TS but shareholders will be advised of the date, time and location.

6. Who can attend the AGM (or any EGM)?
Any individual who is a shareholder – as evidenced by his or her name appearing on the Share register may attend the AGM (or any EGM). Any Shareholder whose Shares are held via a nominee account may also attend the AGM (or any EGM) as long as they have duly authorised documentation from the Nominee account holder in a form which is acceptable to Bioquell PLC. The AGM Notice and proxy form can be found by clicking here.

7. When does the financial year end for Bioquell?
Bioquell‘s financial year ends on 31 December.

8. Where can I find historical financial information about Bioquell?
In the ‘Financial reports’ section of the investors part of this website, you can review interim and full-year historical financial information – as well as ‘Interim Management Statements’ which are published approximately three months after the full year and interim results. The ‘Investor presentations’ section of this website also provides a presentation which gives summary information relating to the latest full year or interim reports.

9. How can I get a copy of your Annual Report?
You will find recent or past annual reports in the 'Financial reports' section of our investor website. You can also use the link in the 'Highlights' section of this page to order a copy.

10. Why does Bioquell currently only pay a final dividend – ie one dividend payment per year – on the Shares?
Bioquell is a fast growing technology company with ambitious expansion plans. Accordingly it needs to retain a proportion of cash it generates to fund its new product development programmes as well as the expansion of its overseas network. As a result it does not make two (or more) dividend payments each year – which is more common with larger companies with a more mature growth and cash generation profile.

The annual dividend is normally paid in July.

11. What is the dividend history for Bioquell shares?
The Bioquell dividend has increased steadily since the Company resumed the payment of dividends after an 18 year gap in 2007.  Details of dividends for the past five years are available from the five year summary section of this website.

12. How do I get to Bioquell’s offices in Andover, Hampshire?
Please refer to the 'Maps and directions' section located under the 'Contact' heading on this website. Here you can view a Google map of our location.